Our main gathering of the week is Neighborhood Church on Sunday evenings. We do not have a Sunday Morning Service.
For gathering locations and times, contact Shaun LePage.

Our focus is Jesus Christ. He transcends our differing opinions about what we should believe. He transcends our differing opinions about how we should live.

He defines what we should believe about Him, about our world and even ourselves. He defines how we should live our lives, what we should value, what our priorities should be.

So, we come together each week to clarify and celebrate these beliefs and encourage each other in this way of life.

  • Welcome MatNeighborhood Church — Sunday evening in homes. These gatherings are churches, not just small groups. The meetings include three main parts: sharing, study and supper. Everyone is encouraged to share what God is doing in his or her life for the purpose of building up the church. A well-prepared teacher leads a discussion of a passage from the Bible. Then, we share a full meal that includes remembering the heart of our faith through the Lord’s Supper. To read more about these important gatherings, see Welcome to Neighborhood Church.
  • Network Gathering — Once per month. We gather our churches together each month as a church of churches. These gatherings are usually on the first Sunday of each month. Contact Shaun LePage for details about this month’s network gathering.
  • First Principles Bible Study Groups — Throughout the week. These groups are helping people become firmly rooted in Christ. Contact Shaun LePage for details. Read more.
  • The Antioch School — Throughout the year. The Antioch School is church-based theological education that provides accredited academic credentials for ministry. In other words, you can earn an accredited degree while you serve in and through the ministry of CityChurch Lawrence or your own local church. Read more.
  • Youth Ministry. For more about youth ministry at CCL, contact Shaun LePage.

For more information, please go to our Contact Us page.