The Lord’s Supper

How should we Christians celebrate the Lord’s Supper? In Acts 2, Luke reports that the first Christians were “continually devoting themselves to… the breaking of bread”. “Breaking of bread” became a technical term for “the Lord’s Supper”. How these first Christians “broke bread” or celebrated the Lord’s Supper is further described in Acts 2:46 & 47: “Day by[…]

Sunday Evenings

Why meet on Sunday evenings? We are not dogmatic or legalistic about this principle, and we certainly don’t judge anyone who chooses to meet on Sunday mornings, but we do believe Sunday evening is the best time for the church to meet. There are two parts to this principle: First is Sunday. The second is evening. Sunday[…]

Neighborhood Churches

What are neighborhood churches? Basically, neighborhood churches are real churches that meet in homes, shops or just about anywhere else other than a traditional church facility. We are not promoting house churches per se, though we believe the home is a wonderful place to meet. The home communicates best what many Christians sincerely want the[…]

The Collection

We all know that the main rule in church these days is to never talk about money. But, the Bible talks a lot about money, including encouraging Christians to give generously to support the expansion of the church. For example, in 1 Corinthians 16:1-2: 1 Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I directed[…]

What ever happened to the Antioch Tradition?

We’re working hard at getting back to our roots. Call it what you will: New Testament Christianity, Primitive Christianity or The Way of Christ and His Apostles. Many theologians refer to it as “The Antioch Tradition.” Yes, we believe that in many ways, modern American Christians have strayed from some very important practices of Christ[…]