Join us for “The Story”

img_3580What is life all about? Is there meaning and purpose? What is God’s plan for the people of the world? We want to help you find the answers to these questions and more — the big questions. “The Story” is a resource developed by BILD International and is being used by churches throughout the world to help people grasp the metanarrative (God’s master plan) in a postmodern world. To get in on the next journey through “The Story” contact us.

From the back cover: “Imagine you were listening in to Jesus’ conversation with two of His disciples on the road to Emmaus just after His resurrection. What did He say to the disciples? Why is it key for all Christians to listen in on the conversation? Luke records the essence of the conversation — a conversation that will open the Scriptures to all those desiring to follow Jesus as did the early followers after His resurrection.

In this study we are going to walk along with Jesus. You will enter that same conversation. You will know what Jesus told these disciples that opened their entire understanding of the Scriptures. You will discover the key to understanding the Scriptures, as explained by Jesus Himself.

What will this do for you? You will begin to understand the story of the Bible and begin to see how your life fits into the story.”