Searching for Answers

Any world view has to answer the big questions people have always asked: Where did we come from? Who are we? Do our lives have any meaning and purpose? What is our destiny? How should I live? Please think about the implications of that. We’re not talking about a personal preference like a favorite restaurant. It’s incredibly[…]

Of First Importance

Has anyone ever asked you whether or not you’re “saved” or “born again”? Have you ever wondered exactly what Christians mean when they ask these questions? First of all, let’s get something straight: The primary message of the Bible is good news. What is this Good News? The good news is what the Bible calls[…]

A New Way of Life (The Didache)

The good news of the Bible is all-things-Jesus! The Old Testament predicted His coming! The New Testament reports that He came, He died and rose again and will return! And, those who believe in Him (i.e., trust in Him) will receive the free gift of eternal life in the presence of God forever! But there’s[…]