Announcing The Bridge Youth Ministry!

TheBridgeYouthLawrenceKansasYouth Ministry is a bridge.

It’s a bridge from childhood to adulthood. One of our main goals is to help youth mature in Christ. To embrace the faith as their own, not just their parents’. The Scriptures encourage all of us to “grow up” (e.g., Ephesians 4:15), and The Bridge is helping parents help their kids to do exactly that.

But the name “The Bridge” was chosen for our youth ministry for a couple other reasons as well. In 2015, we merged our youth ministry with Indian Ave. Baptist Church’s youth ministry. The elder boards of each church have agreed that this will be encouraging and beneficial for various reasons. So, “The Bridge” also represents one of the things we want this youth ministry to be: a bridge between other churches in the Lawrence area. We want to encourage unity and cooperation by inviting other youth ministries to join with us.

We also want “The Bridge” youth ministry to be a bridge to our community. Instead of building walls, we want to build bridges to the young people of our community who need to experience a welcoming community of Christ-followers, who share the good news of Jesus in a clear way. We also hope to partner with like-minded youth ministry leaders, especially churches with small groups who would enjoy the encouragement of a larger group.

We will be meeting initially at Indian Avenue’s Morris Center from 6:00-8:00 p.m. every Wednesday. All 7th through 12th graders are encouraged to join us.

Shaun LePage and Matt Pool along with Indian Avenue’s Pastor John Gaskin are leading this cooperative youth ministry.