Welcome to Neighborhood Church

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Every Sunday evening, we are spreading out into the neighborhoods of our community. We meet together in a very simple way in each other’s homes. We call these gatherings Neighborhood Churches because we hope to plant one in every neighborhood in Lawrence.

The foundational principle behind “Neighborhood Church” is this:

We believe there is a direct connection between the meetings of the early church and the strength of the early church. In other words, the way they met matters. It led directly to their strong fellowship as a family of families, as well as strong expansion into new areas.

So, the next logical question is: What did those meetings look like exactly?

Basically, they were simple—mostly in homes (but not necessarily). They met on Sunday evenings, they gave everyone the opportunity to use his or her gifts to help edify the church, they shared a full meal while celebrating the Lord’s Supper, an equipped and gifted teacher led a discussion of the Apostles’ teaching, and they took up a collection to support the expansion of the gospel.

This describes the way we are structuring our simple churches here in Lawrence. A typical meeting includes three main elements:

  • Sharing. A time for every member of the body to use his or her gifts to edify the church.
  • Supper. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week as part of a full fellowship meal.
  • Study. We are devoted to the Apostles’ teaching as found in the New Testament.

Each church has a great deal of liberty to meet how and when they want, but we’ve agreed on some common practices based on this description of the earliest churches. Click on the links below to read more about our common practices:

Want to join us? Just check it out? Contact us for times and locations.