Neighborhood Churches

NeighborhoodWhat are neighborhood churches?

Basically, neighborhood churches are real churches that meet in homes, shops or just about anywhere else other than a traditional church facility.

We are not promoting house churches per se, though we believe the home is a wonderful place to meet. The home communicates best what many Christians sincerely want the church to be: a family of families (which includes singles and others who don’t fit the traditional description of “family” (For more on this, see “Family of Families”).

But, more accurately, what we’re trying to get to is the simplicity of the original design. We believe “doing” church in America has become too complex. We believe the more complex our churches get with facilities and programs, the harder it is to be the thriving, authentic community we were meant to be. And, the easier it becomes for Christians to be disconnected from vital, authentic relationships.

Please hear us: We’re not legalistic about this. We certainly believe God has and still does use all the different forms of church to accomplish His purposes—whether they’re simple or complex.

But, we believe the original intent and example of Christ and His Apostles was simple.

The New Testament instructions to the churches were written to simple churches that met mostly in homes. Therefore, we believe the best way to accomplish the mission and purpose of the church is by embracing that original intent and example. In fact, the early churches met in homes for the first 300 years of her existence and flourished in a world that wasn’t too radically different than our own.

We are not interested in simply being different or trendy. We want to do what all good missionaries have done throughout the history of the church: Seek to understand the times—the people of our culture, our neighbors—and do what is best for engaging them with the gospel. We believe the times call for a return to small, authentic and simple churches.

Keep in mind: This is not the entire picture—it is just one part. The other major component that made the early church so strong was a complex network that linked the churches together. So, rather than one church growing large, the network—a church of churches—grew wide. It spread to every city, village and neighborhood.

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